Gonna Record Me a Podcast!

So... I'm really excited!

I've been interacting with new parents all week via Instagram (Facebook has been very quiet indeed!) and I put out a post on 1st March asking:

I promoted it to get reach a wider audience and loads of people came back to me via my DMs to offer to chat about their experiences through COVID and how the Pandemic has affected their antenatal and postnatal care. I'd had a bit of a brain storm as I was falling asleep the night before that I should start a Podcast. The common denominator with maternity care at the moment is the feeling of abandonment. Which is in no way indicative of the care provided by midwives and Health Visitors but of how things have been in reality throughout the three Lockdowns. I don't envy anyone trying to access support and it has spurred me on to prove to these poor families that they are no alone. Sometimes you need to hear someone else's story to realise it.

I'd also got to thinking that West Sussex parents are so under-represented when it comes to community support. I've come to realise that it's mostly Mid-Sussex and East Sussex that have the Hypnobirthing practitioners and Placenta Encapsulation specialists. Even though there are a few Doulas in Crawley and Horsham, we are grossly under represented. I think some of it is the perception that Doulas are for the white, educated, middle-class. That is certainly not true and it is those who are the MOST vulnerable that need our care and time. Doula care should not only be a professional, boutique service. It should be something that is a right for everyone who is a new parent; regardless of their age, background, ethnicity or sexuality. I was talking to my aunt the other day and she reminded me that we are vulnerable at three stages of our lives - childhood, when we have a child ourselves and through old-age. We should care for our new-families as much as we care for our minors and elderly.

As you can imagine I've been a busy girl. I've been setting up the podcast - questionnaires to partcipants all sent out ready to be analysed and a GoFundMe page created to start a community fund for the under-privileged and under-represented to access free doula support. The link is here: gf.me/u/ziv84d

Thanks for reading!

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