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Updated: Jan 29

One thing I have noticed over the past few weeks is how much we are turning to the virtual world to keep in touch with people.

And here we are in a second Lockdown which is making it ever more difficult to see those outside of our Bubbles. And to give hugs to those we love.

I recently became a member of the Sussex Covid-19 Expectant and New Parents Support group on Facebook and there have been a few posts asking if parenting support groups are carrying on online. For a lot of new parents, this is the only time they have been able to get out and see other people going through the same point of their lives. Whether it was baby massage, breastfeeding peer support or indeed, seeing their Doula, they want to be sure they still maintain that much-needed contact.

During 2020, small businesses have had to be creative in the way they maintain contact with their clients and to ensure that they are providing that much-needed service before all this happened. It isn't just Tesco and B&Q that need to be on the essentials list; we should also include Doulas and other maternity support services. After all, hasn't the childbirth world come into the social media spotlight because it wasn't possible for the expectant person to have someone at their scan and yet you could meet 6 people outside your household for a pint?

Now that these Lockdown restrictions aren't as stringent as they were in March, it is a comfort that anyone providing a service may still continue to do so - and that goes for childbirth professionals.

So, I would like to reassure everyone reading this that I am available via any contact media they need. On the phone, via WhatsApp or at the end of a Zoom or Skype video call. As long as you need to hear my voice or see my face, I’m there! I’ll even stand at the end of your driveway til Lockdown is over!

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