Social Media Butterly!

The thing I'm learning this week is that there is a LOT to learn when you're running your own doula business

and you're starting from scratch.

Over the years I have managed other business' social media with varying degrees of success. In 2010, I ran the Facebook and Twitter accounts for which was a gambling site aimed at women with a "magazine" type feel to it. I coordinated competitions and had to watch reality TV (shame!) to Tweet about it and I did pretty well. More recently, I turned my hand to the Blogs and Facebook accounts for a Laser Hair removal company in Burgess Hill. It was a lot of fun but like anything, you have to engage with people from the ground up. Organic followers are hard to grow and even harder to nurture - fact.

The most rewarding thing about connecting with other Doulas has been the unwavering support and kindness they show each other. Yes, we repost each other's content but as long as you give credit where it's due, it's the passing on of essential information rather than plagiarising it. I have discovered topics and tricks and testimonials that I'm adding to my own bank of knowledge to encourage my wider reading. You can never be too well-informed, let's be honest.

Doulas are not healthcare professionals. We are not a regulated body so we cannot give advice. We can however signpost to agencies that ARE regulated and make sure our clients make decisions based on fact rather than opinion. If the majority of expectant parents are engaging in some kind of online platform, we must make sure that what we post is sensitive, informative and realistic. And it has the potential to answer their questions.

As of today, I have 158 new Instagram followers and 109 followers on my Facebook Page. That's not bad going for ten days' work :)

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